About Us

Take a bite and melt into memory

There’s no greater love than the love for food. Good food captures hearts leaving a lingering taste and a lasting memory. We believe that a bite can take you back in time and that’s why we’re committed to bringing back those age-old sweets and snacks you enjoyed as a child. 

Made with unchanged traditional recipes and authentic ingredients, these delicacies are directly sourced from the most remote villages so you can enjoy a taste of home wherever you are. Our products are the perfect mix of nostalgia and nutrition. From classics like Karuppatti Nei Mysorepak to kamarkattu, we have it all. 

We care for our community and look at the smallest ways to make the biggest impact.  We’re on a mission to empower indigenous and traditional food producers by partnering with them to preserve their livelihood and help them reach a larger audience that’s keen on relishing the unadulterated taste of tradition. 

Relive your Childhood with Just Traditional!